Bank History

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The Bank of Fayetteville was founded on values and principles of treating customers the way we would want to be treated. It's our philosophy that every community needs a local bank that is owned and operated by local shareholders.

On March 5, 1986, organizers announced their intention to form a new bank. They are truly dedicated, highly active participants of the community. Collectively they represent a varied host of talents and occupations. Joining together to form The Bank of Fayetteville, which today is more deeply rooted in the local soil. Bank organizers include: John M. Lewis, former Chief Executive Officer of First National Bank of Fayetteville; Willard B. Gatewood, a history professor and former chancellor of the University of Arkansas; Don Heckathorn, president of Heckathorn Construction Company; Frank C. Kelly, former chief executive of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company at Fayetteville; David McClinton, president of McClinton-Anchor Co,; Grace Tancred, president of Northwest Tobacco and Candy Company; and Dennis Smith, former senior vice president with First National Bank.

On June 5, 1987, The Bank of Fayetteville opened its doors at the North Branch while the remodeling of the Main Bank on the Fayetteville Square was in progress.

The Main Bank building is registered on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1904 and housed Lewis Brothers Hardware which was owned by John Lewis' family for many years. Renovations were complete in December of 1987.

John Lewis initially started with twelve partners: Linda Catron, Lana Hammons, Janice Torbett, Becky Hawkins, Gary Garton, Patty Price, Sherry Dillard, Dennis Smith, Mark Renner and Paul Gayer. Over the years, the number of bank partners has grown tremendously. In 2004, John Lewis stepped down as President and brought Mary Beth Brooks on board to fill those duties. With eight branches up and running, our network of banking continues to expand.

Today, the bank operates out of eight locations, the Main Bank on the Fayetteville Square, the North Branch on North College, the Train Branch on Dickson Street, the East Branch at Crossover on the corner of Hwy 45 and 265, the Wedington Branch on Wedington Dr./Hwy 16, the West Fork Branch, the Prairie Grove Branch on west Hwy 62, and the Farmington Branch.