Cash Management

Enjoy increased control over your cash without upping your workload. Cash management allows you to achieve the near impossible in business: gaining more time in your day. That's because things like employee payroll, transaction matching, processing payments, and more are all managed without extra work on you.

Best of all, our suite of cash management services helps you to speed up the process, while streamlining recordkeeping and reducing errors. So many ways to benefit — all from one simple sign up.

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  • Summary
    • 24/7 electronic control over cash collection and disbursement
    • Cut down on repetition; save time and reduce errors in accounting
    • Streamline recordkeeping
    • Direct deposit of employee payroll
    • Positive pay
    • Account information services
    • Complete wire transfers and ACH transactions
    • View copies of checks and deposit tickets
    • Make payments electronically
    • Have anytime control of comprehensive information

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    Make, collect, and process payments — all without ever leaving your office! With Bank of Fayetteville ACH services, you can cut down on administrative tasks, taking back valuable time in your day.

    • Ideal for businesses with a high volume of recurring receivables
    • More closely predict your cash flow at any given moment
    • Handle employee payroll via direct deposit
    • Smooth out collection of payments
    • Debit customer accounts to collect recurring membership, dues, rent, installment payments, and more
    • Streamline recordkeeping
    • Efficient processing; fewer errors in accounting
    • Expert staff available to assist with implementation and training
    • Utilize your own in-house accounting software or our online
    • ACH batch capabilities
    Positive Pay

    Be positive about what you're paying without staying on top of each and every transaction that leaves your account. Positive pay provides peace of mind by stopping potential fraudulent activity dead in its tracks before it can even occur.

    • Eliminate check fraud against your business and boost your confidence
    • Catches fraudulent activity before it happens
    • Transactions thoroughly checked against a supplied record of issued checks
    • Questionable checks flagged for your review before funds leave your account
    • Suspicious activity automatically brought to your attention
    • Simple, yet effective process
    • Timely check return