Cash Sweeps

You work hard every single day; ensure your account is keeping up its end of the bargain with cash sweeps. Our cash sweep service always works in your favor by maximizing your idle funds.

It's simple. You designate an amount to cover activity, then the rest is automatically swept over to an interest-bearing account or toward paying down an existing credit line. If necessary, funds are automatically swept back over to cover additional expenses. Get the benefits without the work — sign your business up today.

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  • Summary
    • Keep your money working for you, automatically
    • Maintain target balances while maximizing interest earnings
    • Avoid the cost associated with the short-term investment process
    • Backed by U.S. agency securities, making it a very safe investment
    • Linked to your Bank of Fayetteville business checking account:
    • Set predetermined account limits to remain in account and cover expenses
    • Excess funds automatically swept to a Repurchase Agreement account at Bank of Fayetteville
    • Principal is automatically transferred back into your checking account the next day
    • If necessary, funds automatically swept back into checking to cover account activity
    • Line of credit sweeps also available
    • Move money to and from your line of credit automatically
    • Pay off outstanding balance without any extra work or attention
    • Minimize your company's interest cost