Commercial Interest Checking

Meet your transactional needs and boost your balance. Commercial Interest Checking accommodates businesses with a large number of transactions by offering unlimited monthly transactional items at low per-item fees.

Capitalize on your balance via tiered interest rates — higher rates automatically paid for reaching larger balance tiers. Have all the commercial accommodations plus the simplicity of easy account management — available at a low $8 monthly service fee.

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  • Summary
    • Ideal for large businesses that want to capitalize on interest earnings
    • Tiered-rate system; higher balances earn higher rates
    • $0–$99,999.99
    • $100,000–$249,999.99
    • $250,000–$499,999.999
    • $500,000 and above
    • Unlimited monthly transactional items available at low per-item fees
    • $8 monthly service fee (no earning credit)
    • Account inquiry fee of $1 per inquiry above 3 per month
    • Free online banking & bill pay
    • Free mobile banking with mobile app
    • Free eStatements
    • Free business check card
    • $100 minimum deposit to open