Free online eStatements make recordkeeping soooo much easier. Rather than stalk your mailman or curse your paper hoarding habits, simply go online 24/7 to view a particular statement — past or present.

And not only are eStatements better for the environment, they're better for your security too. For all the new-fangled cyber technology out there, stealing from the mail and trash are still the prime targets of identity thieves.

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  • Summary
    • Access statements anytime, anywhere with internet access
    • Available to personal and business customers enrolled in online banking
    • Conveniently available through your online banking portal via the eBank tab
    • Receive electronic bank notices through in the same place
    • Free, secure, time-saving service for Bank of Fayetteville customers
    • More secure than paper statements
    • Eliminates a paper trail of your information from being intercepted
    • Added organization capabilities:
    • Prevent paper storage hassles and paper waste
    • Instant online access eliminates long waits on the mailman
    • Avoid time spent searching for a past statement
    • More environmentally-friendly than paper statements
    • Easily view, print, save, and archive

    Getting Started

    eStatements and electronic notices are received the the eBank section of your online banking. To get started, make sure you're enrolled in free online banking. From there, you will enroll in eBank. View the eBank enrollment instruction within the tab above to discover the easy steps to activating eBank.

    eBank Enrollment

    To receive eStatements and electronic notices by signing up for eBank, start by logging into online banking and selecting the "eBank" tab. From there:

    1. For Account(s) and Document Enrollment, click on the 'details' link to set up the accounts and notices you would like to receive electronically.

    • If you would like to enroll all your accounts and available documents, please leave the "All accounts" box checked.
    • If you would like to enroll only one or more accounts or specific documents, please uncheck the "All accounts" box. You will then need to check the accounts you would like to receive electronic statements and notices. Please click on the + sign next to each account you would like to receive documents. Check the box next to the specific documents or notices you would like to receive for that account.
    • Save your settings when you are finished selecting the accounts.

    2. To set up notifications, please review the email address in the box shown. If not correct, please update it. If the box is blank, enter your email address. (Your notifications will be emailed to this address.)

    3. Please enter a security phrase to be displayed on all valid emails sent from this site. Your security phrase should be the length of a short sentence, and will be included on all eBank correspondence. The security phrase identifies that the email being sent to you has originated from The Bank of Fayetteville. This will help safeguard you against unwanted Phishing attempts.

    4. Please enter the enrollment passcode in the field provided. Click the link to see the passcode. This passcode will ensure that you will be able to view eBank statements & notices online with Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher.

    5. Please read the Electronic Statement(s)/Notice(s) Delivery Terms and Conditions. If you agree to the terms, please check "I agree to the listed terms" box. Click on the Enroll Now button to continue.